Environmental Consulting Services

​​​​​​Nature is Our Priority!


Clean soil! 
Clean water! 

Both are the key ingredients to a healthy environment; this healthy environment, allows us to have a healthy existence. Earth Restored, Inc. is founded on the premise of restoring contaminated areas through active cleanup efforts. Earth Restored, Inc. will provide affordable soil sampling, environmental consulting services and environmental compliance plan to businesses with this need. We will assist those who cannot afford to pay for the cleanup of their property.  We educate citizens and business owners about the importance of waste recycling and reusing, which helps in the protection of soil and groundwater. The main objective of Earth Restored, Inc. is to return the environment as close to it's original state by giving it a healthy head start as it continues it own journey to fully restoring itself. 

Although the Earth wil continue to restore itself, it needs assistance. Certain clean up projects will take a significant amount of time and money to complete; this is where your help is needed.

As we begin the journey towards building the foundation of Earth Restored, Inc. we will need the resources of a committed group of volunteers and professionals to work side by side to restore contaminated areas one site at a time.