To provide un-biased, affordable, environmental assessment, remedial and restoration services to individual and community properties with suspected and known chemical contamination while providing pollution prevention education.

Jocelyn Brown


Debbie George-Payne

Vice Chair 

Debbie is passionate when it comes to restoring Earth as close to its original magnificence as possible.  It's not too far gone!  Education, time, passion and patience will help us pass it forward to future generations; armed with the knowledge needed to keep  Earth healthy, vital, restored!
Debbie has a degree in Economics with additional studies in Business Administration and Sociology with a focus on social and environmental justice.  These three areas of study has helped her understand how vital it is for all of us to work together to preserve Earth and help reduce the damage that is being done to it.
"We need you to join our cause, so that together we can reverse the damage that is being done to Earth and make it more wholesome.  Together, we can do what is needed to pass on a better Earth, "Seven Generations" forward." 

Earth Restored, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not for profit environmental consulting organization founded on the vision of providing unbiased, professional and technically based remediation and restoration services to contaminated properties with unknown owners to those who cannot afford the cost of cleanup.​

Although restoration and remediation activities are the main components of the Organization, Earth Restored, Inc. will provide environmental educational outreach to affected communities, schools and businesses with the mission of minimizing harmful amounts of pollution from entering our environment. Educational outreach will extend to businesses as they play a key role in choosing previously contaminated (brownfield) properties for redevelopment in lieu of virgin land that is home to many resident animals.Type your paragraph here.

Rebecca Turley-Summers


Rebecca has worked for a variety of businesses, professional corporations, nonprofits and government agencies over 40+ years, in addition to her work in environmental law. She holds a JD from University of Colorado in Environmental Law and Certificate of Environmental Policy
MBA from Penn State University and 
BA from Penn State University, Biology and Psychology. She has worked on a variety of environmental issues from land use to toxic tort litigation. Her research, as a student at CU challenged 20 years of anti-environmental decisions that were based on a case that had been overturned on appeal. She also worked in economic development and entrepreneurship at Penn State in the Office of the President, representing the University administration on a variety of projects from technology transfer research to a grant-writing team that brought in millions in funding for a bio-tech plant and authoring the university’s white paper on research park development. Since retiring due to health issues, she has devoted much of her time to volunteer activities where she uses her years of experience in science, business and law to assist community and grassroots organizations.

​​​About Us...

Jocelyn, an advocate for natural resources protection, cleanup and environmental social justice issues, founded Earth Restored when working for an oil refinery that once employed her father; in her Caribbean birthplace.  Jocelyn made the decision to be the catalyst of Environmental protection, restoration and awareness. 
Jocelyn holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Master of Applied Science in Environmental Policy and Management with a minor in Natural Resources Management. She has a cumulative of eleven years of direct environmental work experience ranging from being an Environmental Specialist with the State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection to her current position as an Industrial Pre-Treatment Coordinator/Supervisor for a major Wastewater Treatment Plant in South Florida.
A former board member for the Florida Industrial Pre-Treatment Association, Jocelyn coordinated events for the South Region, which included finding the venue and soliciting business donors.

​​​​​​Nature is Our Priority!

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