We Need You...

The following board position is still available:

Board Secretary: 

The Board Secretary attends all monthly meetings and records/maintains a record of the meeting minutes for the Organization.

If you are interested in being the Board Secretary, please contact the Board's Chair. 

Available Committees' Coordinator Positions:
Fundraising Committee Coordinator,
Grants and Donations' Committee Coordinator,
Marketing Committee Coordinator

​​Get Involved...

Volunteering your expertise or passion is only one step in helping Earth Restored, Inc. achieve its goal in restoring contaminated properties to a level where Mother Nature can continue its healing process. 

Earth Restored, Inc. will provide a variety of free to low cost Environmental Services and these services will need monetary funding. If volunteering your time and expertise is not an option due to your busy schedule, please consider donating money to support the Organization's mission. 

If you will like to donate, please contact the Board's Treasurer. 

​​​​​​Nature is Our Priority!