Application of an approved and highly effective chemical or mechanical technique to eliminate or reduce the chemical concentration of the contaminated area.

Analyze a company’s production system and provide guidance on how to minimize its overall waste volume.

Environmental Remediation 

The redevelopment and restoration of natural areas, re-introducing local plant and animal species displaced by the invasion of exotic species or loss of habitat through urban development.

Inform individuals on the effects of environmental neglect as it relates to human health.

Residential Water Testing 1

What We Plan to Offer...

1 These services are anticipated to be available within one year of the Organization's start-up 

Collection of a composite or discrete sample and its submission to an accredited laboratory for the analysis of State or Federal drinking water contaminants list.

Environmental Site Assessment 

​​​​​​Nature is Our Priority!


Natural Areas' Restoration 

Pollution Prevention (P2) Guidance 1

Investigative research to identify the past uses of the property, chemicals used, nearby sensitive receptors such as historical remnants and water bodies, and the extent of the chemically impacted area.  

​Educational Outreach 1